Meet the Palm Beach Bike Tour Cyclists

Ken Steinhoff, Groupless Leader

Ken is Palm Beach Bike Tours. Read what he has to say about this web site and bike routes in Palm Beach County.

Mark Steinhoff, Bad Dog Mountain Climber

Mark has no interest in ever racing anyone on a bike, but does get great pleasure in dropping riders on a hill. Mark ensured his immortality on the TOSROV Ohio ride several years ago: on that hot, very windy day Mark shouted, “Would it hurt them to plant a few f!@#!ing trees out here!?”. That universal truth resonated with the peloton and surfaces every now and again when he encounters his arch nemesis, the wind. Still, he wishes for something more elegant to be attached to his name such as what Amy Webster said about riding in the suicide lane… “The sound of a car door opening in front of you is similar to the sound of a gun being cocked.” Please read about Mark’s first bike love and his time as a domestique for Lance Armstrong.

Matthew Steinhoff, Roadie Wannabe

Matt has spent the last year or so trying to go faster. He upgraded from a hybrid Trek 7300 to Bianchi Talladega. He added a fast, 30-mile Saturday morning group ride to the slow Saturday evening family ride. (All are welcome to join us, Matt pulls his three-year-old in a bike trailer and no one is dropped). He started paying attention to weight, gear, aerodynamics and nutrition. All told, Matt went from a 12mph rider at the start of 2008 to an 18mph rider since getting that oh-so-sweet Italian ride and is continuing to improve. Keep an eye on his progress by checking out his Bike Log.

Adam Steinhoff, Tryingathlete

Adam just bought a fancy, all-carbon Trek 5500. He’s training for the Miami Half Ironman. While Adam has run a handful of 5Ks this’ll be his first long-distance run, his first competitive swim and his first competative bike event. You gotta admire his audacity if not his common sense. If you’ve gone from zero to 70.3 in less than five months, please give Adam hope and some training tips.

Carly Steinhoff, Miles of Style

Sarah Steinhoff, Two Tired

Sarah doesn’t get on the bike very often but, when she does, watch out! Seriously, keep a look out in your rear view mirror as she slowly fades in the distance. She’s been thinking about a new, go-fast bike, but is worried that she’ll spend lots of money and still be super slow.

Lila Steinhoff