Moonrise Over Belle Glade

Osa, Anne and I took a ride out what I call Ghost Road 27, south of Lake Okeechobee Sunday afternoon. Anne and I have been out of town and Osa has been busy with her job over the holidays, so this was a leisurely ride with lots of catching up to do. We puttered along taking lots of photos for a future story and discovered a mystery road to nowhere I had never been on before.

We ate way more food than any three people should be able to put away. (It’s a good thing for the manager that we didn’t take advantage of their All You Can Eat Chicken special.)

On the way back, there was a spectacular moonrise in front of us and the pink rays of the setting sun behind us bouncing off the clouds and haze. I was going to make this an occasion of making memories, not photos, but Anne and Osa insisted that I stop. It wasn’t quite as big as when we first saw it, but it was still nice. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

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  1. We have a nice moon tonight over the Rincon mountains. I love keeping up with the phases of the moon. Time for a moonlight desert hike soon; no worry about snakes now, too cold.

  2. Ken, JD is still fussing at me for turning down the offer of two bikes with which to join you, but I’ve had a bit of experience on this subject, and I know better than to expect such feats of endurance from my body!
    We watched the sunset from the deck of Moe’s Southwest Grill in the Coconut Mall in Ft. Myers! It was beautiful, and I kicked myself for going off without my camera!

  3. Hi Ken. I work with Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management (ERM). One of my department’s programs is the Northeast Everglades Natural Area aka NENA-here’s a link to our web page NENA is in full swing and we are in the process of updating the web page to include a picture slideshow of people enjoying the many great trails, natural areas, education/activity centers within NENA and found your page and a great picture of you and a fellow cyclist on LOST at sunset. We wanted to see if we could use that photo on our webpage. (with proper photo credit of course!) When you get a minute, either email me back or give me a call at 561-233-2455 and let me know if this is something you feel comfortable. I can also add you to our NENA contacts list for notification on our upcoming trail openings/cycling events. Hope to hear from you soon.

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