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The best by far is the one from NiteRider. The only catch is that it costs $50 and has to plug into their battery pack, so

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you are going to spend $150 even if you go with the lowend Trailrat.

I balked at buying one until I followed one. It’s the only light I’ve seen that is actually effective in the daylight.

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, plan to spend about $15. I used a Vistalight before I bought the NiteRider.

If you want to go even lower than that, go to Home Depot or a hardware store and pick up a small button strobe for $2.95. They last about a month of fairly regular use and have replaceable batteries (although I usually keep the ones which are getting weak and give them out to riders I run into after dark. Weak is better than none.)

Save Big Money on Bicycle Lights from Performance Bike

Night Cycling, Blinking Lights, Harold and Maude

I have a Niterider taillight mounted to the rack that I run in flashing mode any time I’m on the road. As soon as it starts getting darker, I have a Vistalight on my Camelbak that I usually run in solid mode. I also have a clip-on blinking button-type light on the back of my helmet (They are available for $2.95 at Home Depot. I buy them by the handful and pass them out to bike riders I meet on the road at night.)

My riding shoes have a reflective strip on the heels; I wear a bright yellow jersey; I’ve added some reflective tape to the front and rear of my helmet. I also attach a small piece of reflector tape to the strap on my gloves. That way the car behind me has a better chance to see my signal at night.

The front of the bike has a NiteRider Digital Pro-12. At night I use whatever brightness is appropriate for the ambient light. During the day, I put it in into strobe mode whenever I’m in a high-traffic area with lots of cars making turns in front of me.

Despite all of the recent controversy, I like wheel reflectors. Unless you hold an absolutely straight line, at some point the car behind you is going to see the reflection. And there’s no mistaking that you’re looking at a bicycle when you see them.

Since most of my riding is at night, I like to count on the “Harold Factor” to help keep me alive. That’s when Maude pokes Harold in the ribs and says, “Harold, what’s that crazy thing in the road up ahead?”

When that happens, mission accomplished.

Save Big Money on Bicycle Lights from Performance Bike

FRS Radios for Bikes and Snakes on the Trail

After a year of riding mostly solo, I hooked up with a friend from work who is about where I was a year ago after not riding for 20 years.

We each ride at our own pace and just stop or double back when the other person gets way behind.

A buddy bought a couple of FRS radios for a ski trip and suggested that they’d be good for biking. After one ride, I paid $60 for a pair of refurbed Uniden radios.

They clip nicely to the top of the strap of a Camelbak, close enough that you can hear them clearly and just touch the mike button to talk. I added a boom mike/earphone attachment so I don’t even have to take my hand off the bar to talk.

They make the trip much more enjoyable. We can be half a mile apart and still talk like we were side-by-side. Makes a long ride through the boonies more pleasant. At night, the lead rider can call out obstacles.

I remember one exchange:

Me: Snake on the shoulder.

Her, 20 seconds later: You could have told me that it was ALIVE!

Jeez, always a complaint.

Hydration with a Camelbak Mule

I thought the weight would be noticeable, but I quickly got used to it. When I do a short ride without the Camelbak M.U.L.E. 100 oz Hydration Pack, I find myself unconsciously reaching for the drink tube all the time.

When I have the Mule, I drink small amounts on a regular basis. If I have to reach for the water bottle, I don’t drink as often and end up guzzling half a bottle at a time, violating the old “drink before you’re thirsty” rule.

It probably doesn’t make much difference, but the water bladder is, obviously, heavier when it’s full. That means that at the end of the ride, when you are tired, it is as light as it’s gonna get.

It also makes a great cushion when you clip out right and lean left.

My Brief Flight and Gloves as Landing Gear

I got into riding about a year and 3,000 miles ago. The more serious I became, the more I realized why cyclists dress funny.

In order of purchase:

  • gloves
  • shorts
  • jersey
  • shoes

In the non-clothing area:

  • clipless pedals
  • Camelbak
  • Niterider Digital Pro12-E

I don’t ride fast, but I do spend lots of hours in the saddle enjoying myself.

Gloves offer more protection than you might think. I went over the handlebars onto blacktop in March. Every time I look at the rips in the palms of my right glove I am reminded of that brief flight.

The gloves also help with numbness. They are a worthwhile investment.