FRS Radios for Bikes and Snakes on the Trail

After a year of riding mostly solo, I hooked up with a friend from work who is about where I was a year ago after not riding for 20 years.

We each ride at our own pace and just stop or double back when the other person gets way behind.

A buddy bought a couple of FRS radios for a ski trip and suggested that they’d be good for biking. After one ride, I paid $60 for a pair of refurbed Uniden radios.

They clip nicely to the top of the strap of a Camelbak, close enough that you can hear them clearly and just touch the mike button to talk. I added a boom mike/earphone attachment so I don’t even have to take my hand off the bar to talk.

They make the trip much more enjoyable. We can be half a mile apart and still talk like we were side-by-side. Makes a long ride through the boonies more pleasant. At night, the lead rider can call out obstacles.

I remember one exchange:

Me: Snake on the shoulder.

Her, 20 seconds later: You could have told me that it was ALIVE!

Jeez, always a complaint.