Fishing on the Mississippi River

Whenever I go back home to Cape Girardeau, Mo., I take a ride down an abandoned stretch of U.S. 61 that has been bypassed by I-55. It deadends at a boat ramp on the Diversion Channel. That stretch of road has been underwater from the spring floods until just recently, so I was curious what it looked like now that the river has dropped.

Great day for a boat ride

I ran into Ed and Melinda Roberts, who were cast netting for bait to use on their trotlines. After a brief conversation, they invited me to go with them down the Diversion Channel and into the Mississippi River where they planned to set up their lines.

Ed’s goal is to put 400 to 500 pounds of catfish in the freezer to tide them over the winter.

How-to on trotline fishing


Here’s a video of Ed and Melinda setting out their trotline. You can read the whole story on my Cape Girardeau blog.

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