I’m Not a Turtle and I’d Rather Be a Peterbilt

I just can’t handle riding in the flat-back, neck-like-a-turtle mode. Couldn’t years ago, and definitely can’t now. I have New bar ends on my bike that project above and below the bar. The bottom ones imitate dropbars and I’ll go there if it’s really windy or I want a change. The top bars curve to the horizontal, so I can stretch a bit and lower my profile, also.
When I said multi-day touring, I probably should have been clearer. What I really want to do is multi-day riding in the range of 45 to 125 miles. I put it my years on the hard ground in tents, so I’d opt for plastic touring. I tend to carry more crap than I probably need, but I won’t be humping camping gear.

I live in flatland Florida, but I plan to ride in the rolling hills of the midwest. As a matter of philosophy, I’ve always figured I’d rather be a Peterbilt tractor trailer with lots of torque than a speedy Corvette. I’ve had more uphills where I wished I had a lower gear than downhills where I wished I had a higher one.