Palm Beach Stambaugh Cottage Move

When seven-year-old Grandson Malcolm went on his first ride on the Palm Beach Lake Trail, he never dreamed he’d get to see a house being moved.

Video of the ride and house move


The first part of the video shows the start of the ride; the second part is the move of the Stambaugh Cottage.

This is the first time I’ve ridden with Malcolm in six or so months. He pedals to school every day, so he’s probably got more miles under his seat than I do for the year. Today’s ride – about 12 miles – was one of his longest, Dad Matt said.

I was really impressed with the way the kid could maintain speed and hold a straight line. When we had to get off the trail and onto city streets from time to time, I didn’t feel any qualms about his ability to ride in light traffic.

Palm Beach landmark being moved

When we were several miles into the ride, a fellow on the trail warned us that it was closed ahead. That’s when I remembered hearing that a landmark Palm Beach building was being moved.

The Stambaugh Cottage, built sometime around 1910, had been used as a golf course caretaker’s home for decades. It had originally been occupied by Orrel Stambaugh, who helped build many of the area’s roads. A story in The Palm Beach Post said that the golf course had planned to tear down the building to put up a new groundskeeper’s house in its spot. Some of Orrel’s descendants put up money to move the house and the golf course donated the building and the money they would have used for demolition to the cause.

As of now, the cottage is sitting on a barge while a final destination is worked out. It took a little over two hours for the house to be moved to the barge after all the initial prep word was done.

Gallery of Stambaugh Cottage move photos

Thanks to Matt for shooting the stills while I concentrated on the videos. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to mover through the gallery.


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  1. Excellent writing and photos. I’ve seen more fantastic sights since I started riding in March 2011 than most see in a life time. This one was a good one for sure. All the best.

    1. I did a couple of charity rides with Brother Mark in the Midwest. The first year I noticed several high school age girls riding with their boy friends. The next year, the girls were back as fairly serious riders, but the boys had moved on. (Or were moved on from, I didn’t ask.) It was obvious that they had found something about cycling that was more than cruising with the boy du jour.

  2. Ken, somehow my search meandered from ways to adjust a Brooks saddle without fouling it (or my bum) to your articles and photography. I love riding my bike and sharing photos, so I really enjoyed this find, thanks!

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