Vacationing in New Mexico

The Steinhoffs are on Vacation in New MexicoKen Steinhoff at White Sands National Monument

Wife Lila and I are playing hooky for a week in New Mexico, her home state.

Postings will be a bit slim until I get back home to a real computer. Lila took the picture of me above after we had gone on a guided Sunset Stroll in White Sands National Monument.

Not going to be back for a LOST Full Moon Ride

The nearly full moon over the sand dunes was beautiful. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be back in Florida in time to see it over Lake Okeechobee this weekend.

Lila Steinhoff at White Sands National Monument

4 Replies to “Vacationing in New Mexico”

  1. I think Mom out-shot you. Thought, it would have been better if you weren’t centered. Nice work, Mom!

  2. Abbey,

    Keep tuning in. I’m working on more New Mexico pictures are we speak.

    It’s a beautiful state filled with outstanding views and nice people.

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