8mm Home Movie of Christmas Bicycle

Several years ago, my brother, Mark, converted a bunch of our 8mm family movies to VHS. They weren’t of high quality to begin with, and the duplication didn’t help them any. I recently bought a ION Audio VCR 2 PC USB VHS Video to Computer Converter to copy the analog movies to digital files.

While looking through them tonight, I found this short piece on Brother David getting his first bicycle sometime in the early 1960s. The part I like best is when he polishes the fingerprints off the fender.

I wonder how many kids are going to be getting bikes this week? Lots, I hope.

Magic Carpet

Bikes were magic carpets that expanded our world when we were kids. (Once you got the front tire pumped up, that is.)

2 Replies to “8mm Home Movie of Christmas Bicycle”

  1. I like the big old mechanical speedometer on the bike that he is pumping the tire on. I had one of those on mine a LOT of years ago. Worked just like a car speedo of the time with a cable drive to the front wheel and a fitting on the hub that drove the cable. Long before electronics I was tracking my weekly miles, much like I do now, 48 years later….

  2. Love it! Wish I had a video of myself getting my first bike. I remember every single detail, how ridiculously excited I was at the time.

    Great video. Something to cherish.

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