Cycling in South Florida: It is Another World Here

It’s another world down here.

Don’t count on The Eye to slow them down. That requires the driver to actually be able to see you through their cataracts and Coke-bottle thick glasses, assuming that their eye level actually makes it above the dashboard. At least once a month, we run a story about some XX or XXX year-old driver who ends up in a store front / swimming pool / gaggle of people waiting for the bus / etc. when they get their gas and brake mixed up.

South Florida ain’t the south. It’s more like New Jersey or New York. If you believe in Darwinism and the survival of the fittest, you have to wonder how bad the drivers were who were weeded out on the way TO Florida when you see the ones who made it.

In addition to The Eye, I find a loud air horn helps. That and a healthy dose of paranoia.