Digital Camera Bicycle Handlebar Mount

I mount my Nikon Coolpix on my bars with a home-brew piece of aluminum angle. Since the lens and body swivel, I can have the lens pointing forward and the LCD display facing up where I can see it. If I want to take a picture off the bars, it’s just a matter of loosening the 1/4-20 tripod screw.


One note: you got to watch out for big temperature swings.


I had to cover an indoor swim meet in the middle of winter once. Temp outside was in the teens and my equipment had been in the car for many hours. As soon as I walked into the 80-degree heat and 99% humidity, there must have been a rainstorm inside the camera.


When I took it to the repair shop, the tech said the all the dust inside the body had turned to mud.


Digital cameras don’t like moisture even more than the old mechanical Nikon Fs.

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  1. Wait so you made your own camera mount for your bike? how’d you manage that. And its the worst when your camera starts to fog up on the inside of the lens because theres nothing you can do about it but wait.

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