Night Cycling Lighting Options

Since the weather has gotten hotter, I’ve switched my riding schedule to the evenings. About four months ago I bought a Niterider Trail Rat for about a hundred bucks.

It serves me well on my nightly 12-15 mile rides, but runs out of juice when I want to go longer. My kid has offered to buy it from me for about what I bought it for, so I’m trying to convince myself that I want to spend $300 to upgrade to the Pro-12E.

All of my riding is done on the road in urban areas that range from very bright to coalmine dark. I want to be seen as much as I want to see.

Longer burn times, variable output, plug-and-forget charger all are appealing.

The only thing holding me back is price.

Anyone have any compelling reasons to push me either to it or away from it? Or has anyone found anything they like better?

(Recent lottery winners who have extra money are welcome to contribute excess cash to the project.)

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  1. I use the Princeton Tec Switchback 2. I provides great light and has a LONG runtime. The battery is a little big, but its not a big deal strapped to the frame. You can usually find the Switchback 2 and 3 on ebay pretty cheap.

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