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Biggest Bike Headlight I’ve Ever Seen

I was scanning photos of the visit of the Delta Queen steamboat to Cairo, Ill., in 1968 for my other blog when I spotted this bike. I thought he had a bowling ball attached to the handlebars.

When I blew it up, I could see wires hanging from it. It was . . . → Read More: Biggest Bike Headlight I’ve Ever Seen

FlashBak Bike Safety Light

Right after I read a review of the Flashbak on the Bike Commuter blog, I wrote the folks who make them and asked if I could have one for review.

Within a couple of days, one arrived in the mail.

Is this a garter belt for my Camelbak?

My first thought was, . . . → Read More: FlashBak Bike Safety Light

Flashlights for Bike Headlights?

14 Days Eczema Curen-bottom: 10px;” title=”Flashlight used as bike headlight” src=”×373.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”373″ />Kid Matt shot this picture in front of a local supermarket the other night with his cell phone. He was questioning whether or not this was better than no light.

I’m going to have to vote for . . . → Read More: Flashlights for Bike Headlights?

Year in Review: Bicycle Lights

[Editor’s note: This is part of a series of year-end reviews of reviews I’ve written throughout the year.]

I have “friends” who claim that my Surly Long Haul Trucker is lit up like this 18-wheeler Bro Mark saw in a St. Louis truck stop last year.

I wish.

I love lights

Half a century ago, . . . → Read More: Year in Review: Bicycle Lights

Freakbike Sports 480 LEDs for Halloween

Reader Michael Getzie commented, “I really enjoy your site, just wanted to say thanks for all of the great info you provide. check out my ride on youtube, search for; frozenpeasandcorn, hope you like.”

The YouTube description says, “Covered my bicycle with 480 LED Halloween lights, Powered by 3 Sealed Lead Acid 8.5AH batteries . . . → Read More: Freakbike Sports 480 LEDs for Halloween