Year in Review: Helmet Mirrors

Chuck Harris Mirror on helmetThe most useful bicycle accessory I own is my Chuck Harris helmet-mounted mirror. (OK, I guess I'd have to list my Giro Atmos helmet in first place. Without it, I wouldn't have a place to mount the mirror.)

You can read the complete review here.

The Chuck Harris mirror is made out of a piece of recycled mirror and a bicycle spoke covered at the helmet end with heatshrink tubing.

It's a wonderfully simple device that doesn't get knocked out of adjustment like plastic mirrors I've tried. It's strong enough that you can pick the helmet up by the mirror and it'll stay in place (not recommended).

I buy my mirrors from Hubbub Bicycles in Cleveland. If you order one, tell Diane Lees that I sent you. I've never met her, but we've become virtual friends over the years.

It costs $22.95 plus shipping, but they are frequently out of them because their supplier can only turn out so many at a time.

The mirror is also available in an eyeglass mount.

The Messenger Mirror


After I wrote my Chuck Harris review, Bruce left a comment that he had developed a light-weight eyeglass mirror that I might like to try. He would be happy to send me a free one to evaluate.

True to his word, a couple of days later, the MessengerMirror arrived and I set about to give it a shot. I had one strike against me to start off: I wear wire rim glasses with skinny frames, so the fit wasn't ideal. Still, it worked after a little fiddling.

You can read the full review here. It includes a video by Bruce that shows how to adjust it.

Bruce took a little umbrage at my description of it looking “Mickey Mouse” (although I HAD qualified that by saying, “OK, Mickey has been around a long time, so that's not necessarily a bad thing”).

MessengerMirror cycling mirror from side

If you've been wanting to try a head-mounted mirror, but didn't want to spend a lot of money, the MessengerMirror is perfect for you.

It costs $4.99 plus 88 cents postage.

It's a simple device that does what it's supposed to for a price that's more than reasonable. You can't get any better than that.

Rumors of a replacement for the Chuck Harris mirror

There have been rumors for several months that HubBub Custom Cycles may start producing their version of the Chuck Harris mirror because of problems with the supply chain. I don't know if that's REALLY going to happen, how much they'd cost if it DOES happen or when it might happen, but I'll be sure to post a review if it comes to pass.

4 Replies to “Year in Review: Helmet Mirrors”

  1. This is a new mirror that I have designed. I have it in 10 stores. The Venice police department are using this mirror out of Venice FL. I also build mirrors for the Coastal Cruisors out of North Port FL.
    It is similar to the Chuck Harris mirror. The product is made out of some recycled products. I would love to send you a mirror for you to review. Just send me your infomation and I will send you a mirror.

  2. Hi theres a new helmet mirror out there. The mirror is similar to the Chuck Harris Mirror only better. They also are hand made. Mirror quality is excelent. These mirrors have been in production for a year now. They are in 10 cycling shops in Florida. The Venice police department in Venice Florida are using this mirror and have endorced this mirror. The mirrors can be customised with any logo you want. I would love to send you a mirror. I’m sure you will love it. So check out my website. I’m on Facebook, and Ebay

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