Freakbike Sports 480 LEDs for Halloween

Reader Michael Getzie commented, “I really enjoy your site, just wanted to say thanks for all of the great info you provide. check out my ride on youtube, search for; frozenpeasandcorn, hope you like.”

The YouTube description says, “Covered my bicycle with 480 LED Halloween lights, Powered by 3 Sealed Lead Acid 8.5AH batteries and a 175 watt inverter.”

That’s a lot of juice. About one notch below an Iranian nuclear reactor.

I am humbled

I thought I was the brightest manmade object on the globe (we’re talking lights, not IQ).

I bow before the master.

Thanks for the link, Michael.

One Reply to “Freakbike Sports 480 LEDs for Halloween”

  1. I believe the bar has just been raised a couple of notches for who has the most visible bike on the pavement. I will tip my helmet to the first person who hangs a disco mirror ball over their bike while riding….ah, the possibilities.

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