Phillip’s Triple-Trailer Bike: Headed to Chicago

Triple Bike Trailer

Phillip, Taking a Break in the Shade on His Way to ChicagoPhillip is headed to Chicago this summer to visit family. Phillip has 1,300 miles or so to go… On a bicycle… Pulling three fully-loaded trailers.

When I saw him sitting in the shade at the side of the road this morning, I had to stop and chat. I'm used to pulling my son around in a bike trailer. All told, him (42 pounds), his toys and his trailer (31 pounds) weigh in at 80-85 pounds. Phillip's convoy is every bit of 300 pounds.

Phillip doesn't know when he'll get to Chicago. He has done the round trip before but didn't keep track of the days, his peak wattage or calories burned. He rides without a GPS.

I wish I had more time to chat but I was running late for work. Below are some pictures. If anyone between Palm Beach County and Chicago, Illinios happens to see Phillip, please post an update to the comments below. I'd love to know what sort of progress he is making.

(more photos of Phillip's Bike below)

In this picture, you see the trailer being passed by a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I'm pretty sure Phil’s bike trailer has more cubic feet of storage capacity than the 15/18mpg SUV. Bicycle with triple trailer being passed by a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser.
Here we have three headlights to go along with the three trailers. Bike Cockpit Showing the Triple Headlights
I'm not sure if a tree branch is heavier or lighter than carbon fiber. When dry, I imagine they are fairly similar in both strength and weight. Advanced Kickstand Technology
In addition to the weight, I was really impressed at the length of the vehicle — more than 20 feet long. Phillip\'s Bike and Triple Trailer from the Front

4 Replies to “Phillip’s Triple-Trailer Bike: Headed to Chicago”

  1. I doubt he ever gets going fast enough to run the risk of jackknifing.

    By yesterday evening when I went to pick up Malcolm, Phillip had moved just seven blocks west. This morning, he was two blocks further on a side street.

    Interestingly enough, all three times I have seen him, he was parked at a bus stop.

    I wonder if he is really headed to Chicago or is just looking for handouts at the local bus stops. That would make some sense. He has time to give his pitch and people riding the bus feel sorry for someone on a bike.

  2. I hadn’t thought of the scam angle. Reminds me of a something I saw in Riviera Beach, FL, several years ago.

    There was a guy in front of a convenience store with his beater bike turned upside down, a wheel off and he was holding a flatted tube.

    When I asked if he needed any help, he gave me a story about having a flat tire and needing money to buy a tube.

    I gave him a spare tube and took off.

    The next week, I saw the same guy, in front of the same convenience store, with the same bike, with the same wheel off, holding a flatted tube.

    Either he had the worst flat tire luck in the world, that parking lot had lots of sharp stuff in it or he was working a great scam.

    I didn’t stop for him this time.

  3. I like Phillup

    I mean, Phillip. (no tank)

    Fella working the scam at the local “Mall” has been there six years. Sitting the same spot holding the same sign. “Will work for food”. I doubt it. I gave him money he first time. Now I give him scorn. I think Phillip has something a bit more real happening. Scam or no, at least he has something NEW to show us.

    Even if he doesn’t feel like working, he does know what progress is, so it’s not like he is not clued in.

    And frankly, I prefer to think better of him, than worse. He’s a guy. Kinda like me. Cool.

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