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Schmidt Generator Hub with Lumotec Headlights

About half of my riding is after dark this time of year. (It’s hot in Florida.)

I just got a Schmidt generator hub on Friday, so when I put it on the bike I’ll have it, with two Lumotec headlights, along with a NiteRider Pro 12E in the front. In the back, I’ll have a NiteRider taillight on the bike and at least an Eclipse LED blinkie on my Camelbak.

Depending on how well I like the Lumotecs, I may only use the Niterider for the taillight and for backup.

Cost of lighting stuff: about $600. Cost of Trek 1220 (used) $600.

Fewer than one in ten riders I see after dark have any form of lights. If they have something, it’s usually a blinkie with low batteries.

I get lots of positive feedback from motorists and peds.

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1 comment to Schmidt Generator Hub with Lumotec Headlights

  • Riding with headlights should be required by law. At the very least, everyone should at least have proper reflective material to wear to avoid being hit.