December 2010 Bike Rides

This month has flashed by too fast. There are several rides coming up in the next few days that I don’t have a lot of information on, but I’ll try to cover the basics.

Freakbike Militia Choppernite 30 Toy Drive Dec. 15

Meet at the Greek Church near the corner of Southern Blvd. and S. Flagler Dr. at 7 p.m. Dec. 15. Ride starts at 7:30 SHARP, rain or shine. Headlights and taillights required, helmets encouraged (mandatory for those 15 and under). The ride generally passes through City Place, stops for some silly games at the Fountain on Clematis where the old library used to be, then returns to the Greek Church.

You’ll see bikes of every size, shape and description. Despite the name, it’s a family-friendly event. Speeds are a leisurely 10-12 mph.

Bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Salvation Army. (Don’t worry about carrying it. Some of the folks ride cargo bikes with spare capacity.)

Bad news: temperature is predicted to be 50 degrees at 7 p.m.. Good news: winds are going to be light and no rain is expected.

Velo’s Cyclery First Annual Christmas Cruise Dec. 16

This is a new one for me (and a first, so, it’ll be new for everyone.) Here’s all I know about it from the Freakbike website:

Join us in our first annual Christmas light bicycle ride thru Lake Clark Shores. This will be with whatever bike you have, unicycle, your Miami sun trike, your best cruiser bike or even your full blown racing bike. Bring the kids out for this one, have them enjoy a great time on the bike with spectacular views of West Palm Beach best Light show in the world.

You are encouraged to add your own lights to your bike to add more bling and flavor to the ride. You can even dress like an Elf or even Santa Clause.

Date: Thursday December 16, 2010
Meeting location: Phipps Park 4715 S. Dixie Hwy. West Palm Beach, South of Southern on Dixie Hwy.
Time: 6:30pm Bring Lights and helmets.
Distance: 5 miles
Speed: as fast as a snail

[Note: the truck won’t be in the ride. It’s one Bro Mark shot in St. Louis a couple years ago.]

5 Replies to “December 2010 Bike Rides”

    1. Andrew,

      Thanks. Yep, all is well, just have been spending all my energy on my other blog, that deals with photos I took when I was first getting into photography in a small Midwestern town.

      My longest ride in 2010 was less than 50 miles and my total mileage for the year is so low I’m too embarrassed to report it.

      I would make a New Year’s resolution to ride more and write more, but we all know that resolutions are made to be broken.

      Thanks for your comment. It’s nice to know I still have virtual friends Down Under.

  1. Ken,

    Trying to confirm my order fir the I ride pro with Active Tunes. They have not returned any of my calls or emails. I know from previous blogs that you were somehow able to contact them. Do you think you could help me in any way…?

    1. Eric,

      I’d love to help you, but I got much the same response when I ordered a new unit from Active Tunes. Here’s a comment I posted when you posed your question on the i-Ride review:

      I’m going to have to, reluctantly, withdraw my endorsement of i-Ride products. I had shipping issues as well. When I followed up with two phone calls, I told the person who answered the phone about the complaints I had been receiving and that if I didn’t get a call back, I was going to have to advise folks NOT to place an order.

      The next day, Sept. 2, I got this email from Mick Kless, president of Active Tunes:

      “Got your message yesterday and wanted to reply. My wife has been undergoing cancer treatment over the past few months and had surgery as recently as yesterday morning. So business has slipped since I haven’t been in the office much. I’m putting someone in place to handle things in my absence and all shipments will be sent by end of day Friday. As for your threat to return your call or you’ll write in your blog not to do business with us, that’s the least of my worries and I don’t appreciate it. Write whatever the hell you want. You didn’t make my business, you won’t break it either.
      Mick Kless
      Active Tunes”

      I responded that I recognized that his wife had to be his top, if not only, priority right now and that my comment to post a negative review wasn’t a threat, it was a statement.

      I had been giving his products my unqualified endorsement, so my credibility was on the line.

      I told him that readers had been understanding when shipments were delayed because of issues with his suppliers, and that they would certainly sympathize with a family medical emergency.

      I asked for permission to post his message as an explanation. I didn’t receive the courtesy of a reply.

      Since Eric has had a recent bad experience, I’m going to go ahead and publish Mick’s message.

      I hope that things are going well for Mick’s wife and I hope that he gets his business back in order. I still haven’t found a portable speaker that works as well as the i-Ride Pro. I just can’t recommend ordering one right now.

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