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HERO Wounded Warrior 1,200-Mile Ride

Jeff Masters takes a moment of silence, having finished the 1,200-plus-mile Wounded Warrior Charity Bike Ride.

A year or so ago, Jeff Masters was telling me about a 1,200-plus-mile bike ride he was planning. I nodded in all the right places and wished him the best. You see, every cyclist has an epic ride in the works the same same way every writer has a great novel . . . → Read More: HERO Wounded Warrior 1,200-Mile Ride

This Site Is On Strike for 24 Hours

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Ladies Cycling Society Night Ride

I’ve been getting invitations to the Ladies Cycling Society Tuesday night rides for some time, but I’ve either been out of town or lightning has scared me off. I’m not saying I DESERVE to be hit by lightning, but why take a chance that Thor is having an off night and misses the target he . . . → Read More: Ladies Cycling Society Night Ride

St. Louis Moonlight Ramble

I was stuck in Cape Girardeau, Mo., waiting for a rebuilt transmission to be put in my van so I could return home to Florida. Brother Mark, who lives in St. Louis, encouraged me to come up for the 48th Annual Moonlight Ramble Saturday night / Sunday morning. It attracts 10,000 riders . . . → Read More: St. Louis Moonlight Ramble

2011 Tour de Bar June 4

Folks keep asking me when this year’s Tour de Bar is going to be held. I don’t know. What I WILL do is pass on this message from a friend who is a member of the Hash House Harriers, described as “the drinking club with a running problem.”


I can’t . . . → Read More: 2011 Tour de Bar June 4