2011 Tour de Bar June 4

tour-de-bar-2010_094_DSC_8364 Folks keep asking me when this year’s Tour de Bar is going to be held. I don’t know. What I WILL do is pass on this message from a friend who is a member of the Hash House Harriers, described as “the drinking club with a running problem.”


I can’t tell you if the information is correct. You may get there any have to organize your own pub crawl on the fly. It’s not exactly my kind of bike ride, so you won’t see me there. Maybe somebody will provide pix like they have in the past.

Sat June 4 – Tour De Bar ‘11

Come on a pay as you go bicycle pub crawl down US 1

and over to Singer Island with 400 other pub-cycling folks!!

Starting location is

The Brass Ring Pub

200 US Hwy 1

North Palm Beach , FL 33408


Exit I-95 at North Lake Blvd (exit #77) and go EAST

Go EAST on North Lake Blvd 2.5 miles to US 1

Go SOUTH on US 1 and into the shopping plaza

on the WEST side of the road.

Park at the north 4 rows of the parking lot opposite the Brass Ring.

Tour De Bar 2011 will start at noon, 6/4/11.

We will be raising money again to pay for Palm Beach Shores police,

and the remainder will go to the

Give a Life Foundation promoting organ and tissue donation awareness.

100,000 are on waiting lists.

Thank-you again for your continued support of this charitable event.

Let’s rock…

2009 and 2010 Tour de Bar photos


10 Replies to “2011 Tour de Bar June 4”

  1. I have participated in previous Tour de Bar events; however, now I live in Orlando and want to drive down to attend– but before I do– I would appreciate the opportunity to know that the event is hapPening and they we will be able to sign up when we arrive at the Brass Ring Bar. Please advise.

    1. I posted everything I know. There is a Facebook fan page called Tour de Bar – Singer Island that makes it sound like it is going to happen. The fan page admin posted a note saying that participants have been asked to walk up and down the Blue Heron Bridge because of construction. You might post a query there.

      My guess is that there will be a fair number of people show up if only because the June 4 date has been floating around for about a week.

    2. Kathy, there is no preregistration. Just show up and ride. There will be someone walking around with a bucket collecting donations in order to pay for the police escort.

      While I’m not willing to guarantee the event will happen Saturday, I do know that everyone I have spoken to in the local cycling community believes it will be Saturday. So, there will be a few hundred people at Brass Ring on Saturday and I’ll be there.


  2. Ken – would you be so kind at to post something about the TDB shirts for last weekend’s event. I have about 40 shirts of various sizes available

    Thanks in advance if your are able :)

    Here’s is a second chance to buy a shirt from the 32nd Annual TBD event. Available Sizes are limited to L, XL & XXL – Shipping is included and tShirts will be mailed within one week of purchase.

  3. I heard that this years Tour de Bar is scheduled for Saturday, June 23, 2012. Is that correct?

      1. It’s this Saturday, the 30th. Trying to keep it on the d/l as cops were very bad last year.

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