Tour de Bar Bike Ride Draws Hundreds

What was billed as the 30th Annual Tour de Bar drew hundreds of bike riders and imbibers to local bars in the north Palm Beach County area, according to Darren Ayoub, a participant who was kind enough to send us these pictures.

Crowds gathered at The Brass Ring on U.S. 1 around noon

Brass Ring starting point for 30th Annual Tour de Bar bike ride

Darren did a great job dealing with the heat, humidity and party riders. He managed to stay upright and well-focused in his mission of covering The Tour.

Riviera officer stops traffficRiviera officer was helpful

At one point, Darren said, the bikers were having problems crossing busy U.S. to to get to their second destination, Bettyann’s Bar. An officer pulled up, blocked traffic with her car and helped the participants cross the street.

She got on her car loudspeaker and offered a friendly piece of advice: “Lock your bike to something or it won’t be here when you get back.”

Inlet Harbor Bar / Liquors had it together

Inlet BarThe folks at Inlet Harbor Bar / Liquors on Blue Heron Blvd. were ready for the large group of thirsty riders. They had portable bars assembled outside to serve cash-only customers.

Enroute to Bettyann'sEstablishments participating

  • The Brass Ring Pub, 200 N. U.S. 1, N. Palm Beach
  • Bettyann’s,  2941 Broadway, Riviera Beach
  • Inlet Harbor Bar / Liquors, 146 E. Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach
  • Down Low Pub, 237 E. Blue Heron Blvd., Riviera Beach
  • Sailfish Marina, 98 Lake Dr., Palm Beach Shores
  • Portofino Italian Grill, 2447 N. Ocean Dr., Riviera Beach

Down Low Pub

Who toured de bars?

Darren said the 300-some riders ranged in age from 21-year-0lds to “some who could qualify for senior discounts at the movie theaters.”

Several riders, he observed, wore shirts commemorating the 15th Annual, 25 Annual and 30th Annual Tour de Bar. (He had no clue if the event had really been celebrated that long or if the bar tourers use a different calendar than the rest of us.)

Some first-time riders had TDB Virgin scrawled on their arms in magic marker.

One team rode for a serviceman in Iraq

Tour de Bar riders

Darren said that there were several teams – or at least groups of people who wore similar clothing.

One group dressed as pirates, complete with swords, pistols and eye patches. One even had a fake parrot on his shoulder.

Tour de Bar participantsAnother group, dressed in camouflage shirts with “GI Jim” on the back had printed, “Riding for Sgt. Jim Lashey serving in Iraq.” At one stop, the team shared a video call with the distant soldier, Darren said.

I guess I’ll have to show up next year. It sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. This was so so much fun! Definitely find me there again. A little more sunscreen next year though!! (And maybe a little less hot…)

    PS…the last spot was Hilton. Darren missed the Ultimate game at Portofino.

  2. I’ll give it a go next year. It turned out to be a lot bigger deal than I thought it would be.

    How come The Post didn’t cover it. Seems like it would be your prime demographic. (Based on the fact that you and Jay were both there.)

  3. My last Tour de Bar was in 1992. The Hilton on Singer Island was not very receptive of the Tour crashing their pool nor were the local authorities. The Tour de Bar is one of my best memories. I’m happy that the local establishments and authorities have now embraced the tradition! CANNONBALL to all the bikers….have a blast!

  4. “Hey Everyone, some of you had a few more quesitons, so here’s the basics. Tour de Bar 2010 is this Saturday, the 26th. Starts at noon across the street from the Brass Ring in NPB. First stop is the Brass Ring Pub. Last stop is the Sea Spray hotel on Singer Island, south of the main beach. All other stops will be announced at the line up on Saturday. Also, see the website for this years t-shirt design. Phil and Suzie did a GREAT job. LOVE the t-shirts. Make sure you get yours. There is a limited supply. See you all on Saturday”

      1. will it start at same time/place? does anyone have more info on this years tour?

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