Finally, a Bike Club for Me

Jim Foreman, one of my favorite phreds, posted this message to the bicycle touring list:

Original Geezers at Mardi Gras

The Geezers had an “official” meeting last night. By “official” it meant that it was announced. The Geezers are rather laid back.

This meeting was to celebrate my 80th birthday which happened a few days ago but at our age, who’s counting? As they say, “The first 80 years are the easiest.”

At any rate 28 Geezers met at a place called “Big Easy” which I’m sure everyone would recognize as being Cajun or Creole (never could keep those straight) for a great dinner, to flood me with embarrassing cards and sing “Happy Birthday” off key.

They couldn’t find cards for 80 years so one gave me a 50 and a 30 while someone else gave me one for 100.

Oh yes, we did conduct some business, someone suggested Door County for our spring tour and everyone (who was still awake) agreed. Our uniting force is that we like to ride bicycles as long as there’s food at the end of the ride.

The Geezers has no elections, no dues, no officers, no special jerseys, no secret handshakes and no newsletter. Membership is limited to anyone who is willing to show up and admit geezerhood.

Jim Foreman