KtraK – The Answer to Riding on Ice (in Florida?)

One of my friends on the Australian Cycling Forums read my ice on the birdbath story from yesterday and was worried that I might not be able to ride.

He thought a KtraK would be the solution.

Steinhoffs are no strangers to tracked vehicles

Dad owned a construction company that built roads and bridges, so my earliest memories are being perched next to him on a bulldozer, motor grader or dragline moving dirt around. Diesel fumes and freshly-turned dirt will instantly transport me back to those days.

I’m happy to say that the ice had thawed this morning and warmer temps are on their way, so I canceled my order.

If you’re in the land of drifting white stuff

If you don’t see a thaw in your future, you might wander over and check out KtraK’s web site. They have some interesting pictures and videos of their product hurtling down mountain slopes and throwing up sprays of snow.

Oh, by the way, the nifty front ski thingie is sold separately.

Wonder how it works on sand at the beach?

2 Replies to “KtraK – The Answer to Riding on Ice (in Florida?)”

  1. You read my mind. Beach use is the first thing I thought of. You might have to make the ski and tracks wider.

    You’d also have to find a flat beach, as I imagine it would be hard to ride upright on a beach that slopes to your left or right.

  2. For beach riding, you’d be better off with a Surly Pugsley.


    It’s designed to take a 4-inch wide low-pressure tire that will go about anywhere.

    When I was back home in Cape, the LBS there has sold some for use in Colorado in snow. They’d work a lot better than the KtraK on sand.

    Want to place an order? At least you won’t have to worry about riding in the traffic. At least until the high tide comes in.

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