Lance Armstrong is Back. Wait. Back? On a Bike?

According to VeloNews, Lance Armstrong will be back next year with the Astana team. Their anonymous source says he will compete in these events…Mark Steinhoff Advises Lance Armstrong on his future career path.

  • Amgen Tour of California
  • Paris-Nice
  • Tour de Georgie
  • Dauphine-Libre
  • Tour de France

I can’t say that I’m surprised that he is racing again. I always figured he’d do some smaller races. What really has me shocked is that he would consider doing the Tour de France again. That seems like a no-win situation for him. Unless, of course, he wins.

Thoughts? Is he really back?


3 Replies to “Lance Armstrong is Back. Wait. Back? On a Bike?”

  1. I think the only way he would do it is if the guy on his right in that picture was part of the team.

    He’ll need someone like that to pull him up the mountains.

  2. Lance retired as a super-hero. Now he risks blowing it with a loss. Bad move. Is he really that lonely out of the spotlight? “Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em”

  3. Exactly. How well did Michael Jordan do when he decided to come out of retirement?

    Boxers always seem to make the mistake of coming out of retirement to do just one more fight. It rarely ever works out well.

    I’d love to see Lance out on the road again in some smaller races but the TdF is just asking to blow up and take some shine off the crown.


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