Missy & Shane Meet The Acoustic Motorbike

I don't spend much time on YouTube, but one of the phreds posted this link to Missy and Shane's All Around US Bike Tour set to Luka Bloom's The Acoustic Motorbike.

Check it out here before the Music Police track it down.

Never listened to Luka Bloom before

I'm a folkie, but I've never heard Bloom's music. I'm going to have to give him a serious listen. I like the music and I particularly like the way they integrated the tour pictures with it.

[Editor's note: This originally contained a link to YouTube. I started to send someone to the site today, Jan. 26, 2009. Because I always get a good feeling when I see / hear it, I punched PLAY. The images came up fine, but there was no audio. I checked the settings, made sure I wasn't still on headphones, etc.

Then I went directly to YouTube and saw the following notice: “This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.”

The irony is that I had never heard of Luka Bloom until I was introduced to him by Missy and Shane through the YouTube video. After I heard it, I went out and bought copies of all of Bloom's music I could find.

Thanks to Warner Music Group, nobody else will have the opportunity to sample this work and be enticed to buy it. And the music companies wonder why they are circling the drain.]