Off the Bike in Las Vegas

I haven’t run off the road and been swept away by the Mississippi River.

I’ve been in Las Vegas speaking at a Voice Report telecom seminar on auditing phone bills. I shared war stories about cell phone bills on Thursday and I’ll be in a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bills) session and a panel discussion today.

Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it?

Here’s the view from our Caesar’s Palace hotel window

We’re in Caesar’s Palace, overlooking the Bellagio Fountains.

We fly out Saturday, spend the night with Mark in St. Louis, then head down to Cape on Sunday. I plan to ride in Cairo, IL, for a couple of hours documenting old buildings and then we’re on our way home.

Wife Lila has to be back to do Steinhoff Consulting payroll and we have to be ready to vote.

3 Replies to “Off the Bike in Las Vegas”

  1. The photos tell me two things. You ARE being treated like a rock star, and no one threw tomatoes at you while you were speaking.

    I’ll be picking you up in YOUR car on Saturday and not in a LIMO. Welcome back to the Midwest.

  2. Nothing was thrown, neither rotten fruit nor money. I guess that means a I did OK, but not great.

    I met some nice folks and had a great hotel room for Lila to loll around in. We rented a motorized scooter for her since everything is so far apart and she’s been having a blast terrorizing tourists.

    Nobody in a Walmart will be safe when she gets back in town.

  3. Hey Ken,
    Nan told me to check out your site. I heard Lila did Vegas on a “scooter”, not bicycle.
    I’m not into bike riding, but I do have a friend who may need your help (she just got out of Delray Hospital after getting hit by a SUV while attempting to ride her bike to work. Thank goodness she’s only somewhat bruised and has a broken clavicle, but she says she still wants to get back up on a bicycle again.
    ‘ll be in touch.
    Nan’s friend Bonnie

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