SportLegs: Try the Supplement for Free from PBBT

SportLegs: Elixir of the Gods


We ran out of free SportsLegs in March 2009. Some of you have apparently read the word “free” and didn’t make it down to the bottom of the piece where we pointed out that we don’t have any more to send out.

So, here’s an update at the very top: We’re out of SportsLegs. Sorry.

A few weeks ago, I wrote that the supplement SportLegs allowed me to ride further more comfortably. I went so far as to suggest you run right out and buy SportLegs.

A couple days later, we got email from Carl Holmes of SportLegs thanking us for the review and offering us some SportLegs. Sure enough, we got a care package from our new best buddy Carl.

Print Journalist or Wild West Blogger?

As a former print journalist who was always guided by ethics and bound by strict rules designed to prevent the appearance of impropriety and ensure fair and balanced reporting, I’m not exactly sure how to handle getting free stuff from people on which I report and review. As a blogger, I could just take the upwards of $70 worth of SportLegs stuff and still feel good about myself.

Maybe I’ll split the difference?

Since Marathon Man Scott turned me on to SportLegs, he’ll get a heaping helping. I’m going to abuse my position as a product reviewer and grab a third of the loot. That leaves a third of our allotment for loyal readers of Palm Beach Bike Tours. The first ten readers to contact me get the goods. The rest earn only disappointment.

Get Free SportLegs Here

Step One: Use our Contact Form to send us your name and full postal address. (No spam, I promise.)

Step Two: We will mail you two five-capsule single-dose packets.

Step Three: You use SportLegs on your regular ride and pay attention to how you feel and your overall performance.

Step Four: Leave a comment here, your blog, in an email to your cycling or running group — wherever — letting everyone know your results. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

If SportLegs proves to be a life-changing event much like the birth of your first child, let us know. If they cause your bowels to open up and you leave a brown streak down the road, let us know that, too.

You aren’t going to hurt my feelings if you express a different opinion.

Matt’s Product Review Policy

If you send me something, I’ll try it. If I like it, I’ll let it be known. If I hate it, I’ll let it be known. If there are metrics that can be applied to your product to give an unbiased view, I’ll let the metrics be known regardless of if I like or dislike your product that way others can judge for themselves.


(UPDATE: We are all out of SportLegs. Anyone who requested them should have received them. I do, however, note that no one has posted a review below or sent me a link to a review elsewhere. Not cool. March 15, 2009 / Matt)

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  1. I got my packet of sport legs in the mail the other day, thanks. I will be in Cleremont Nov 7-9 for the Recumbent Ralley and plan to give my sport legs a good work out then. I will give you a report when I get back.

  2. I have been racing and training for a few years now, i use fish oil, flax seed oil, and borage seed oil,
    along with a multivitamin a good diet and lots of water !

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