What is Your After Bike Ride Food Treat?

Today I came came across a web site that shows what it describes as the most amazing ‘deliciously gross food‘.

After a long bike ride, Dad likes meat pizza and lots of it. Myself, I’m leaning towards the The Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt (as seen above) after my next century.

What to do with All Those Calories?

Fortunately, as cyclists, we burn a lot of calories and that allows us to eat things that would otherwise cause our immediate death or at least a clog a toilet. Still, that doesn’t mean we can eat anything without regard for miles. As we learned in November, it take 150 miles to burn off a typical 4,000 calorie Thanksgiving dinner. Take home thought: make sure your miles support your waistline.

What Do You Eat After Cycling?

Do you have a favorite post-biking food? Do you ever plan your cycling tours based on what you can eat and where? Do you have any specific regional foods you love while biking? Let us know!

Do You Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables?

While on the subject of bike nutrition, I recently planted my own backyard vegetable garden, complete with live streaming video of the tomatoes. The yummy vegetables in my back yard don’t yet satisfy my post-ride needs but someday I might get back from a ride and toss my broccoli from my own garden into my normal pasta-chicken dish.


9 Replies to “What is Your After Bike Ride Food Treat?”

  1. Matt makes a good point, even though it hurts me to admit it. When I was riding a lot more, I got in the habit of eating to support that energy consumption.

    When I slacked off the miles, I didn’t slack off the eating proportionally. My pants started shrinking about the same time.

    Maybe there’s some kind of correlation.

  2. Those tomatoes you’re growing sound pretty tasty on your blog. Wish I could get them at the store, which I guess is the point of going to the hassle of raising them yourself.

    That sandwich reminds me somehow of the tasty sounding but deadly
    “bacon explosion.”

    I’d love to try both, but might not live to tell the tale.

    I’m with KLS on Pappa John’s. Its the best chain-store pizza around. A good cycling friend has been turning me onto nearby Lantana Pizza though. They have great pizza, plus nice cold beer to go with it.

    Like KLS, I can only dream of cycling enough to offset my calorie intake. Hard to do when I spend more time cooking than cycling.

  3. I have seen the bacon explosion recipe and would try it except for the pork sausage. I’d trying to find the right hunk of beef around which to wrap the bacon. If I end up making something with woven bacon, I’ll supply a full report.


  4. Crazy Nancy, one of Wife Lila’s friends has discovered a new pizza place in the Lake Worth area. I’ll get the address an post it.

    Lila is getting ready to brew up a homemade pizza. It’s a new concoction that was really good the last time she made it. I’ll have her document it the next time around.

  5. I am particularly fond of all the good stuff at the Okeechobee Golden Corral taken before, during, or after a bike ride on the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail.

    Kinda too bad we don’t do that anymore.

  6. Keefer… I’m up for a Lake ride. I’m sure Dad has some time on his hands. Let’s meet at the park at the east end of Bridge Road, bike to Lake Okeechobee, camp overnight on the lake and then bike bike. It’ll be fun!

    Who is with me?

    I need tent practice in preparation for my Miami MS-150 ride.


  7. You’re welcome to camp. I know Okeechobee has motels.

    BTW, how are you going to carry your gear on your go-fast bike? You don’t have a rack. Surely you don’t expect ME to carry it for you.

    Rather than biking back the same way, I’d rather continue to ride around the west side of the lake and get picked up in Clewiston or Pahokee.

    Right now, though, I’ve got obligations before your uncle gets in town.

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