Your Fuzzy Dice are Safe in Michigan

Fuzzy DiceThe Michigan State Senate finally got around to making it safe for fuzzy dice in the State of Michigan.

The Detroit News reports that the chamber voted unanimously for a measure that strikes down a law that says items dangling from the rearview mirror are a no-no.

“We understand there are many distractions in cars, such as cell phones or GPS systems, but we did not feel that a rosary or air freshener was in the same league,” said Sen. Ron Jelinek, R-Three Oaks, sponsor of the bill. “This will help make it legal to do what thousands of Michigan residents already do — hang a memento from their mirror.”

Under the law, police officers can stop cars at their discretion. A court ruling in 2008 determined that any item was an obstruction, no matter its size. Jelinek’s bill drops “dangling items” from the law and says a motorist can only be pulled over for objects that clearly obstruct the driver’s vision.

What did the Senate NOT pass or vote on?

While making the world safe for fuzzy dice, said they didn’t pass or debate

  • Senate Bills 529 & 530 which “enhance penalties for moving violations causing physical injury or death to bicyclists and other vulnerable roadway users” according to the League of Michigan Bicyclists.
  • Senate Bill 531 which stipulates that driver education “shall include information concerning the laws pertaining to bicycles and shall emphasize awareness of the operation of bicycles on the streets, roads, and highways of this state.”

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  1. I find the windshield mounted mirror itself to be an visual obstruction. Mine rides in the back seat so that I can see traffic in the right hand side of upcoming intersections. I use the side mirrors to look back. As a tall guy with good posture, this is the only sensible thing to do in most cars.

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