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The Battle of Transportation

“You are a Soldier in The Battle of Transportation,” read the June 11, 1943, Phillips 66 advertisement in The Southeast Missourian.

I was researching another story when my eye was drawn to the headline and body copy: “Every unnecessary mile you drive is a contribution to our Axis enemies.”

“Get a car! Bike lanes are . . . → Read More: The Battle of Transportation

Cape to Expand Cape LaCroix Trail

After a series of floods that sent water coursing through a local businesses, Cape Girardeau decided to tame the creeks that were causing all the trouble. One of the side benefits of that was the Cape LaCroix Recreational Trail, a 4.2-mile multi-purpose path created next to the creek.

I wrote back in 2008 how folks . . . → Read More: Cape to Expand Cape LaCroix Trail

Hurricane Katrina on a Bicycle

Bicycling into the heart of the flood: A Hurricane Katrina remembrance Hurricane Earl missed us

Hurricanes Earl and Fiona missed us this year, but there’s a regular conga line of waves coming off Africa.

Folks in South Florida who got hammered in 2004 and 2005 keep one eye on the weather channel in September . . . → Read More: Hurricane Katrina on a Bicycle

Wear Your Bike Helmet, Please

It was a messy weekend on Jupiter Island this weekend.

A few riders in the A- group went down, one took a helicopter ride to the hospital, one took an ambulance and one had her husband pick her up. By Saturday afternoon, all were reported in good spirits though one was kept . . . → Read More: Wear Your Bike Helmet, Please

Lake Worth Community Bike Ride

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margin-bottom: 10px;” title=”Lake Worth Community Bike Ride 05-26-2010″ src=”×328.jpg” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”328″ />I’m not very good at keeping up with Event invitations that come into my Facebook account. Most of them are for things I have no interest in going to. That’s why I didn’t notice one . . . → Read More: Lake Worth Community Bike Ride