Average Miles in a Typical Thanksgiving Dinner

Healthy living diet and weightloss guru Lisa Griffis reminds us today that there are 4,000 calories in a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

That big number didn't mean much to me until I converted those Thanksgiving calories into miles.

Thanksgiving Dinner is 150 Miles

A cyclist burns 25 to 33 calories a mile depending on weight (both self and gear), grade, wind, etc. That 4,000 calorie Thanksgiving dinner works out to be 150 miles of riding for me. The meal it would take an hour or so to eat would take nine or more hours on the bike to burn.

I'm going to think twice before going back for a second helping of my Mom's Oyster Dressing.

'On Your Mark' Hosts Thanksgiving Ride

A bike shop on PGA near the Turnpike, On Your Mark, is hosting a 65-mile ride leaving from their shop at 7:00 am Thanksgiving morning. There is a maximum speed limit of 20 miles an hour and the target is 18-20mph. There are a number of places along the loop up to Jupiter and back where they will pause if needed and allow everyone to regroup.

A 65 mile ride is a great way to start the day, especially if you plan to eat the American average Thanksgiving dinner.


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