The Yellow Card: A Gentle Hint to Yahoos

I was going through my bookmarks cleaning out stuff that was of no value when I ran across one that specializes in stuff for motorcycle riders .

I bought a couple of Delta Airzound Bike Horns from them on sale a few years back at a super good price, so I popped over to see if they had any more.

No Airzounds, but I stumbled onto the Yellow Card.

Ever wish there was a referee standing by with a whistle to rule on everyday minor traffic infractions? Someone to halt the flow of traffic for a moment to signal out a ‘dangerous play’? Slap a few of these magnetic cards on your gas tank and the next time some SUV-driving, cellphone-talking yahoo cuts you off without the slightest hint of consideration, you can toss one of these cards onto their rear panel. Shake off the frustration a little easier, knowing that your point has been made, and that you’ve substituted the conventional flip-of-the-bird for something with a little more substance. 2″×3.5″. Pack of Ten

A little too pricey, unfortunately

At a buck a throw, it’s a little expensive for my taste. I wonder if you couldn’t buy the magnet material and make your own for less money (and make it more bicycle-specific).

Unfortunately, the very person you’d throw it at is probably a mouth-breathing illiterate who wouldn’t understand the message.

5 Replies to “The Yellow Card: A Gentle Hint to Yahoos”

  1. Matt was complaining that I posted the Yellow Card entry and bumped his Turkey Day story down a notch.

    This evening he said that the story was picked up by an Australian bicycling forum

    which has resulted in the most one-day traffic since the site was established.

    You just never know.

    I may have to check some printers to see how much it would cost to have a version of the Yellow Card printed as a palmbeachbiketours promo item.

  2. If you do a version of the Yellow Card, please correct the grammar.

    And let us know what you find out from the printers. Something like that with a refer to a web site could be a nice thing to have every once in a while.

  3. I had to pick up some labels at an office supply store last night and saw that they sell sheets of magnetic stuff like that. I didn’t look closely at the package to see how it works or what colors are available, but it looked fairly expensive.

    I just checked several office supply web sites and didn’t see anything like that, though.

    The folks who printed my business cards will make a 4×6 magnet for $110 per 100. Maybe The Yellow Card isn’t as far out of line as I had thought.

    The price drops in quantity and size. 2 x 3.5″ is $44.95 per hundred.

    Sometimes the site will do package deals where they throw magnets in with an order.

  4. Bike Commuters linked to a sticker along similar lines. Check out the All Call Recall (second item) sticker. My only complaint with it is that the web site isn’t real and the phone number is for the US DOT.

    Maybe I should register and then get the stickers reprinted?


  5. I’m generally a pacifist (no, this is not like being “a little bit pregnant”), but I think the wording of the Yellow Card could be a bit stronger and still maintain the “peace, love, etc.” meaning.

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