Full Moon Drum Circle “Pleasingly Primal”

I mentioned Friday that I had just heard about the Palm Beach County Full Moon Drum Circle and was planning to check it out.

I learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

I was really bummed out

  • I had gotten a late start.
  • The moonrise was before the sunset, something I noticed as I was coming over the top of the Lake Worth bridge. That meant that there wouldn’t be a picture of a big orange glow coming out of the ocean.
  • Since I was running late, I would have missed it anyway.
  • There is no light on the beach. That meant that it wasn’t possible to shoot without flash.
  • I hate flash.
  • What moon there was kept going behind the clouds.
  • I was getting sand in my sandals.
  • I was sure the no-see-ums would attack at any moment

Wife Lila showed up at the Drum Circle

While I was griping about all the things that were cheesing me out, I noticed that she was grooving to the music. If she hadn’t achieved the age where she has to worry about breaking a hip, I think she’d have done the Frog Dance right there in front of everybody.

That’s where I realized something important.

Sometimes you have to experience life instead of covering it.

That’s a tough thing to learn when you’ve spent most of your life as an observer and not a participant.

So, here’s a video that tries to capture some of the spirit of the Palm Beach County Full Moon Drum Circle, even if I had to use direct flash.

Put Friday, September 4, (that’s the next Full Moon) on your calendar and meet us at the Lake Worth Municipal Beach around 8 P.M. I may be the guy who is NOT shooting pictures.

[By the way, that’s Wife Lila’s spontaneous review at the end of the video.]

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  1. Thanks, Dottie.

    We’re not only planning on going to the next one, but we’ve invited an out-0f-town friend to come stay over with us so we can all see it.

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