I Hate Plastic Blister Pack

You know, the stuff that you can’t get into without a chainsaw and a box of bandages?

First off, I have to apologize for being a little behind. And, sorry, I won’t pander for traffic by reprinting the picture I used the LAST time I got a little behind in my blog. OK, I’ll do it.. I have no shame. You have to promise to read the story, though.

Here’s my excuse

My new Surly Long Haul Trucker arrived Friday and will be picked up Monday, so I’ve spent a couple of days stripping all the stuff off my old bike for the transition.

I covered my taillights last week. Here’s what the front of the old bike looks like.

From left to right: AirZound horn (red object), Busch&Müller Lumotec secondary generator light, Viewpoint Flare 5 LED Headlight (top), NiteRider Pro-12E dual headlights, air bottle for AirZound horn, DLumotec Oval Senso Plus (bottom on fork).

I’ll provide more info when I put them on the new bike.

Getting back to blister pack

Remember when I had problems getting my pedals off my bike and broke my Pedro? I decided not to do that again, so I hit out to Sears to buy some hex bits that would fit on my socket wrench.

I was happy to find a set for a decent price and happier yet to see that they were packaged in something you could actually attack without it attacking you.

The sockets were nestled in a multi-layered cardboard frame that was big enough to discourage shoplifters, but didn’t require a crowbar to open. The merchandise was held in the package by two plastic Nylon ties.

Here’s a side view

I have to confess that I’m not really all that Green. I ride a bike not to save dead dinosaurs, but because I like to. When it’s hot, I like my air cooled.  I recycle, but I don’t obsess over it.

I WOULD, however, pick a product that was packed this way over blister pack any day of the week.