Is It Going to Rain on My Surly LHT?

Surly Long Haul Trucker with some rain covers deployed

I was doing a quick loop of the Palm Beach Lake Trail the other afternoon when I ran into a light rain shower.

My Canon FS100 video camera came off the bars and into the Arkel Handlbar bag where it would be safe and dry unless the rain got serious.

I covered up my Arkel Trail Rider trunk bag with its built-in rain cover since there wasn’t anything back there I’d need right away. I pulled out my Campmor Rain Cape and stuffed it into a bottle cage “just in case.”

I figured I’d put the cape on first and use it to protect my handlebar bag while I pulled its rain cover on if things got REALLY damp. Since my bottom amply protected my Brooks Champion Flyer saddle, I didn’t worry about pulling up my new Aardvark waterproof rain cover.

Of course, all of these preparations made sure that the rain would stop in about half a mile.

Rain in Florida is very spotty.

LHT with Brooks Champion Flyer and Arkel Tail RiderIt can be raining horses and hamsters on one side of the street and have dust bunnies on the other side.

Still, it looked like there was another shower between me and home, so I called the house and asked Lila to fire up the Wifedar. (That’s where she looks out the window to see if water is falling from the sky.)

Wifedar was clear.

Weatherbug showed a small, but intense cell just south of home not moving.

As it turned out, I was in that lucky spot between two rainstorms where the air had cooled down without becoming steamy. I made it home in my half-yellow, semi-dry state.

Life was good.

3 Replies to “Is It Going to Rain on My Surly LHT?”

  1. Hah! I was going to be traveling during “news day” this week so I needed to come up with a general subject idea for my Shiny Sheet cartoon. I decided the unusually scattered version of summer weather this year would work. I was a little concerned that, while I was away, things might change. But your post confirms that it was the right cartoon choice. I guess that makes you my blogdar. I’ve got the cartoon up on my edtoon facebook page right now.

  2. David,

    That’s just one of the valuable services we provide.

    It’s always safe to say, “20% chance of rain, high near 90, humidity, ‘you don’t want to know.'”

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