It’s Fall and Thoughts Turn to Turning Leaves

Leaves in Cape Girardeau, MO

Florida season colors changes are subtle

Only after you’ve been living in Florida for a number of years can you detect the subtle color changes when the seasons flop over.

Stump in the fallFall is when you see your first Canadian license tag. Illinois tags show up at the end of fall. The start of winter is marked by the first North Carolina license. When the Georgia tags are parked at the Early Bird Specials, you KNOW that the wooly worms have extra thick coats.

Reverse the process in the spring

Long about June it’s safe to go to the beach without spotting furry Canadians in Speedos. (We’re talking about the men.)

I miss the Midwest colors

Bushes at Coon Dog Graveyard

We go back home to Missouri about this time every year so we can celebrate my Mother’s Birthday Season. This has the side benefit of letting me ride some hills and for us to see colorful trees.

I envy the view off St. Louis Bro Mark’s front porch

Joggers passing Mark Steinhoff's house in St. LouisAt times like this, I think how nice it would be to look out your window and see the fall colors and feel temperatures that don’t leave you melted in a puddle of sweat.

Of course, the other side of the equation is when Bro Mark walks out on his porch and sees that the sidewalk and driveway are covered with sleet, freezing rain and / or snow.

Pictures from Missouri and Alabama

The top picture was shot near Cape Girardeau on what we call The Uncle Gus Route after a relative who owned the house in the background.

The strange-looking object is a tree trunk rotated sideways. It was late in the day and the slow shutter speed imparted some blur to it. I have to sell it as art, otherwise it would just be another blurry mistake.

The red bushes are at the turnoff to the Coon Dog Graveyard in rural Alabama.


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  1. The tree in the front of my house is still green as of today. I don’t expect the leaves to turn from green to yellow to fiery red until the end of October.

    Some folks around here wait until they spot a wooly worm crawling across the road and take stock into how severe the winter will be by how dark the wooly worm’s fur is. I on the other hand know it’s Fall when you show up back home and want to test your “paper route legs” on the hills.

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