Lake Worth Full Moon Drum Circle: on the Beach

Alice, the nice lady who comes to the house to keep us from perishing in our own filth overheard me talking with Son Matt about upcoming topics, including a possible Full Moon Ride.

She asked if I had ever heard of the Full Moon Drum Circle at the Lake Worth Municipal Beach.

I’d never ever heard of a Drum Circle, whatever that is

The Internet is your friend

Within moments, I found a Yahoo Group that says a Drum Circle is going to happen tonight, Aug. 5, from 8 PM to midnight.

From the Lake Worth Drum Circle Announcement

Title: Palm Beach County Full Moon Drum Circle – Lake Worth
When: Wednesday August 5, 2009 from 8:00 pm – 12:00 am

Location: Lake Worth Municipal Beach: take Lake Ave. eastward, cross A1A, enter Barton Park, follow the road around to the back of the park, we’re just north of the Lake Worth Ocean Pier on the beach. In case of rain or wind, we move under the big picnic shelter you pass on your left on the way in.

Lake Worth Beach

Notes: This is the original Palm Beach County Full Moon Drum Circle; it’s been going on for over a decade. Please join this monthly gathering of our ‘conscious tribe’ – 150+ folks celebrating personal growth, love, consciousness, radiance, expression, creativity, freedom, community, peace, & bliss! Tune in, connect, let the rhythm move you. Enjoy this community-building tradition!

Lake Worth Pier


Free (except for parking meters)
(a) The park officially closes at midnight, but that’s loosely enforced. When the police car announces that the park is closed, please pack up & leave quickly, so that we continue to be welcome there.
(b) Remember, it can be chilly and/or windy on the beach during the cooler months – dress accordingly.
(c) The rules of Lake Worth prohibit alcohol or drug use or possession on the beach or in the park. For the good of the drumming/dancing community please don’t jeopardize our use of this unique location.
(d) To maintain the mutually-respectful, harmonious, community spirit of this drum circle:

  • Lake Worth Beach Lifeguard signplease drum close to the other drummers
  • listen to & cooperate with what others are playing don’t use the drum circle to show off, grandstand, or solo
  • stop drumming when the bulk of the group stops
  • allow a minute of silence between rhythms
  • if you start a new rhythm, make sure it’s significantly different from what’s already been played that night
  • be aware that it’s not necessary to fill up every space in the rhythm with sound – the empty spaces create the ‘personality’
  • only play big drums or penetrating instruments (cow bells, etc.) if you have a good sense of rhythm, persistence enough to keep your part going thru the whole rhythm, & don’t have a tendency to drag the beat
  • listen quietly during group announcements
  • keep your announcements on topic – only drumming or dancing related events
  • respect the traditions & leadership of the group
  • look out for the welfare of the group & the event

The Lake Worth Drum Circle thing sounds like fun

It’s on my normal evening ride route, so I’ll show up tonight and report back with pictures before next month’s Full Moon.

8 Replies to “Lake Worth Full Moon Drum Circle: on the Beach”

  1. I loved your article! Now I wish I had gone, but I was to tired from cleaning today!!LOL! Look forward to the pictures! Will definatly check it out next month! Hope you had fun! Thanks

  2. Alice,

    Thanks so much for the tip. From a coverage standpoint it was kinda bad, because there was no light on the beach except for the moon and it was behind clouds most of the time.

    From a “this is really cool” standpoint, it was great. There was a nice breeze out of the east, I didn’t see (or feel) any bugs and the drumming was super.

    It’s a great way to wind down. Put Friday, Sept. 4 on your schedule right now. That’s the next Full Moon.

  3. It WAS pretty neat. Lots of folks there enjoying the scene too.

    This has been going on for more than a decade and I’m just now finding out about it?? Shame on the local media….

    Consider my calendar “marked” for next month’s edition…..

  4. WE ARE the local media.

    (In fairness to our old employer, The Neighborhood Post has done a story on it in the last couple of months. I just hadn’t read it.)

  5. Thanks for the great post about this drum circle. It sounded like a really fun time. I’m looking forward to visiting your website again soon.

    1. Kathy,

      It’s still going on, but it’s been moved to Boynton Beach. Here’s a note from their Facebook page:

      THE ORIGINAL PALM BEACH COUNTY FULL MOON DRUM CIRCLE – (monthly on the night of the full Moon) – at Ocean Inlet Park Beach, 5 miles south of Lake Worth, just north of Boynton Beach – Free – Welcome drummers, dancers, fire-spinners, hoopers, poi-twirlers, Burners, onlookers…

      In some ways, I like the Boynton location better, but we found the no-seeums to be worse the night we went.

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