True “Wet” Cell Emergency Battery

Bro Mark sent me a link for what is described as a  Swiss Army Emergency “Piss-On-It” Battery.

This is an emergency 1.5VDC wet-cell battery. When you need it, you remove the cork, break off the little glass tube and fill it with clear water… Let stand for 10-12 hrs and presto, you got juice. I’m told, if you’re stuck in the middle of the desert without any possibility of water, you can pee in it, and that’ll make it work too. You gotta love it! Brand-new. 4.75” x 2” x 2”

If you just can’t live without one, here’s where you can buy it.

I have no connection with these folks, nor have I ever bought anything from them, so you’re on your own.

5 Replies to “True “Wet” Cell Emergency Battery”

  1. Here is what I know about you and your bike, you carry everything (and that would of course be under the Sun, where else?) on your bike. We joked for years that you had color radar on your bike and then with cell phones providing great weather sites that comment was dropped. But carrying a defibrillator is not only possible, it’s very likely you ARE carrying one on your bike. That being said, I just figured this battery would go well with all the other heavy stuff you tote around with you AND if any of the multiple lights you have on your handlebar tree fail you could run your jumper cables to this and you would be good to go again. Besides, no one else you will ride up on will have one…

  2. I’ll remember your comment when I run into you on side of the road clutching your chest and repenting of your sins.

    It’s gonna take me a L-O-N-G time to unpack that defibrillator, but it’s gonna be charged up real high when I holler CLEAR! and pop the paddles on your chest.

    We’ll see who has the last laugh.

  3. Believe I have a “trophy” on my wall that pays homage to that prophetic wish. I’d attach a photo, of it but that would just add insult to injury.

    Should I give it a spin tonight for good luck?

  4. This is an “emergency” battery, but it takes TEN HOURS to charge up?

    I’d hope the rescue choppers would have found you by then…….

  5. Dad and I were riding the other day and we saw a car with its hood up and a man fooling with something. Dad stopped by and asked the guy if he needed a hand.

    I turned to dad and said “what were you going to do, jump the car with your bike?”

    Aparently so.

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