Camera Mount Out of a Soft Drink Bottle

I’ve tried several different ways of mounting my camera to my handlebars depending on what camera I was using and what materials were at hand. I finally settled on a RAM mount for my cameras.

Bro Mark, who is a weight wienie, usually carries a tiny camera (now probably replaced by his trendy iPhone).

Recycle a soda bottle

He created a camera mount out of the top of a plastic soda bottle using the bottle and cap, a stainless steel hose clamp similar to this (size will depend on your handlebar), a piece of inner tube and a 1/4 x 20 bolt. You can find all of it at your local hardware store or in the bowels of your junk drawer.

Base of homemade camera mount constructed from plastic soda bottle

Trim to bottle to size

Step One is to trim the top off the bottle. You can do this with a knife or a pair of scissors. With a little pruning, you can leave enough of the bottle to protect your bars. (He said he left strips about three inches long for the wrap-around)

Cut slots for the hose clamp

Step Two is to cut slots into the bottom of the bottle top to hold the hose clamp. I was going to ask Bro Mark how he did it, but he’s tied up on an advertising shoot in Memphis. That means I’m going to wing it and let him make any corrections in the comments section.


I’m going to guess that the easiest way to do it would be with a Dremel Tool if you have one. Since I don’t, I’d be inclined to tackle it with a hacksaw. It’s not rocket science, so anything that will cut two slots and leave you with most of your fingers will work.

[Bro Mark surfaced long enough to say that he thinks he cut the slots with an exacto knife. That might explain what looks to be a scar on the finger on the left.]

Drill a hole in the bottle cap for a 1/4″ x 20 bolt

Top of camera mount made from plastic soda bottleStep Three is to install the bolt to hold the camera.

Camera tripod screws are a standard 1.4″ x 20 thread available at any hardware store.

This is a case where bigger ISN’T better. Get a bolt that’s just long enough to go through the bottle cap and any cushioning material (washer, inner tube) and just far enough into the camera tripod socket to be secure. Mark said he added a lock washer on the bottom and top of the bottle cap (below the inner tube).

Safety warnings

  • DO NOT, DO NOT get one that is one screw turn longer than necessary or you’ll punch through the bottom of your camera. That is a very Bad Thing.
  • I always use a lanyard with any device I attach to my handlebars: GPS, still camera or video camera. That’s to keep from hearing the sickening thud when the expensive device hits the ground, followed by the skittering and disintegrating noises as it disassembles itself.

Use it as a camera mount OFF the bike, too

Make up a second bottle top for use off the bike. When you want to stabilize your camera, fill a soda bottle with water, sand or something heavy, put on the top with the tripod screw and you have a ready-to-use camera support.

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