Fire Dancers at Full Moon Drum Circle

I feel like I’m in the bag for the Lake Worth Full Moon Drum Circle and the Freakbike Militia because I write about them so much.

It’s just because it’s hard to go wrong with people riding funky bikes and people playing, as Wife Lila says, “pleasingly primal” music on the beach under a full moon.

October Full Moon Drum Circle Video

I really hadn’t planned on shooting anything, so I didn’t have a tripod; my digital recorder ran out of battery and I didn’t delete the videos I had shot of D-in-L Carly’s 5K run from the morning. On the other hand, when I saw that big, bright moon, I couldn’t resist.

This was our third Drum Circle

Last month the moon part was a little short-changed because of rain, but it was still fun.

Our first Drum Circle encounter was what sealed the deal for Wife Lila. She’s become a Moon Missionary (not to be confused with a Moonie, although I have a few pictures when she did look a bit like a flower child).

Follow the links above to get a taste for what we’ve seen.

Fire dancer on Lake Worth (FL) Beach during Full Moon Drum Circle

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  1. Nicely done. But you have to attend to understand it. Get there early, it draws a big crowd and a friend had a hard time finding a parking spot. (I arrived via bike).
    A very cool way to spend an evening….

  2. Magnificent blog, lots of of web sites with music posts on the net, but I adore this. Was somewhat tricky to locate though.

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