Folding Bike Helmet Makes Fashion Statement

topup_head_protection_caroline_journaux_adrien_guerin_3This prototype of a fashionable helmet that folds up is either

  • A)  A really good idea.
  • B)  Something that would section your brain like an orange on impact.

It’s kind of cute, though.

Made from textile

“Made from textile instead of rigid materials, the “TopUp Head Protection” for cyclists and walkers is an exploration of the honeycomb pattern and device a protective gear for the head. The brief was to design a gear that was is light and compact and that could deal with minor bumps and falls. The honeycomb was an obvious choice for its impact resistance and shock absorption qualities.

Sure would be convenient

Despite my misgivings, it sure would be convenient to have a helmet that would fold up small enough to fit in a bike bag, purse or briefcase when you aren’t wearing it.


Obligatory safety warning

I would be remiss if I didn’t pass on this reason for wearing a helmet. Regular readers can tune out. You’ve heard it before.

5 Replies to “Folding Bike Helmet Makes Fashion Statement”

  1. Umm… walking? Your head WOULD be sectioned like an orange, with the juice spilling out. It looks like a mushroom ate your head, or a bee hive is growing on top of your head! DUMB IDEA!

  2. Very nice design, the rider doesn’t put attention to the chin strap. Actually this item is quite important, could you imagine what an accident will you face? Perhaps not, any situation can take a place

  3. Please let me know where shall I get this folding helmet in United State, also the price.

    thank you


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