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  1. Charles Keefer
    December 22, 2008

    Wow. I’ve been over that bridge tons of times and I didn’t realize there was still part of the old bridge beside it. I’m sure I’ve seen it but it didn’t register.

    So, does this documentation just live on this site or does it also go to some central bridge collection somewhere?


  2. kls
    December 22, 2008


    I often stopped at the east end of the old bridge to catch my breath before climbing the bridge to go home, but I have to confess that I’ve never paid any attention to the west fishing pier myself. I also didn’t realize that the bike path from Bryant Park went under the bridge.

    I’d have spent more time photographing the condemned span, but the hole in the fence wasn’t big enough to drag my bike through and there were a couple of guys lurking around who looked like they might like a new bike, so I stayed close enough to it to reduce temptation.

    After I posted the blog entry, I signed up to be an editor for http://www.bridgehunter.com/ and updated the Lake Worth Bridge entry:

    As far as the factoids in the entry, Google is your friend. Some of the info came from Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel stories. The traffic count info came from a great DVD I get every year from FDOT.

    You should sign up to be a bridge hunter and we can race to see who can log them most bridges in S FL.

  3. Lurch1
    December 23, 2008

    I knew about the old bridge and the path under it. But it’s usually just as quick to use the road and you don’t have to meet all the fun trolls hanging out under the bridge.

    Still, I like how you keep managing to go to places I’ve been plenty of times and show new views and offer new information about them.

  4. kls
    December 23, 2008


    Don’t knock the trolls. I like meeting them. It makes me feel like I’m back at the paper with my old colleagues.

  5. Charles Rinehart
    August 25, 2009

    A really great blog. Lots of good info. Nice photos. All the best.

  6. Ken Steinhoff
    August 25, 2009


    Thanks for the compliment. If you like bridges, I’ve done a couple others and I have some more in the works:



  7. Leslie Ann
    April 15, 2010

    Charlie Glaze, like the donut? More like the homeless guy that literally lives under the Lake Worth bridge. How many times did I have to call the police on him for urinating over the side of the fishing pier near Bryant Park or drinking beer from sunset to sundown daily. I couldn’t even bring my grandkids there anymore because of all the other homeless men that sat there drinking and urinating along side him. Him nor any of his no last name friends, had any decency for peoplpe like me who wanted to sit there and enjoythe day. Something you couldn’t do at the time. Now the citizens of Lantana have to deal eith him hanging out at the fishing are where the fishing boats are at the intracoastal. There or across the street where the kids play. He can’t be arrested enough times for public urination open container! (as of 2010 and counting)

    Good old Charlie Glaze the homeless drunk strikes again.

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